Singer/Songwriter and Musician

Martin’s aim as a songwriter is to touch people’s hearts, whether to motivate or to contemplate, his songs bring layers of messages that entice the listener to find their place in the world.

His influences spawned his love for the acoustic guitar. His early songs were filtered with ideology for a better world. His passion has seen him uncover a beautiful, colourful realm of sound which he explores, searching to reveal the ‘light through the darkness’. His discovery of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ has opened up his life to ‘possibility’. He wants to share that vision, through his love of music, to inspire anyone who wishes to challenge themselves to reach for their goals.

Please listen ….. it is a gift he wishes to share ….. it may be the starting point of all you can achieve.

Discography 1998 – Creatures of the New Age

2001 – Inside Out

2005 – Alive and Alone

2010 – No Bridges

2017 – Think and Grow Rich – ‘The Music’

Songwriting commissions –

Volvo ‘Around the World’ Yacht Race EP ‘Begin the Journey’
Tribute song written for Sir Peter Blake, performed at Darling Harbour, Sydney
Planet Ark – ‘Shades of Green’ (Inside Out)
Team Crown NZ (Life Force) – ‘Our Time to Shine’
The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) National Conference
‘Know What I Mean’ (Inside Out)
Napolean Hill Foundation – Website Theme Song 2010 ‘You can Grow Rich’
Tony Christiansen (International Inspirational Speaker)
‘Never Give Up’, ‘Know What I Mean’, ‘Reach for the Sky’, ‘It’s All Inside’
Country Halls Assn (If these halls could talk) ABC