The Science Behind ‘THE MUSIC’

It took the science of sound for me to discover ‘what are riches?’   This is the opening line of what was to be an epic journey.

Soundwaves have different characteristics, and these variations have the ability to trigger emotions and stimulate the mind.  Each key of the musical scale performs a different stimulii in the response mechanisms of the body.

The beats per minute (bpm) also play a vital role in our response, and understanding, that we all resonate at a certain level, we incorporated timing that best responds to our reception of the sounds that are heard.

Using different instuments, carefully placed sound effects and triggers that help the subconscious mind to evaluate, we mapped out each song combining all these elements and interwove the lyrics to give the ‘riches’ found within the book, a new incarnation.

The many layers lying within ‘Think and Grow Rich -The Music’ are a tapestry that reveal another colour after each listen.  The last line echoes ‘Begin the Journey’ – may this be a starting point of all you will achieve.